“What’s all the crying about?”

I wanted to jump up this morning bright eyes beaming with happiness and my heart overflowing with thoughts of how AWESOME life is. Nope. Not going to happen today friends. I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place with heavy bulldozers on each side SQUEEZING the sanity out of me.

I know I’m not alone with this feeling of “Someone Save Me From This Madness!”

So, what’s all the crying about you ask?

I am a:


*Mother of a 12 year Son with ADHD

*Caretaker of my 57-year-old Mother with Autism, Mild Mental Retardation and age related heath concerns

*Work Fulltime

*Art Teacher one evening a week

*Aspiring ETSY success story 🙂 http://www.etsy.com/shop/thisvintageheart

*Housekeeper, Chauffeur, Personal Assistant, Cheer Leader …… You get the picture.

But who isn’t these days, right? I KNOW I’m not alone. I want to know others like me. It is hard to share my stories with just anyone. Not everyone can relate or even come close to understanding the amount of emotions I feel daily.

I’M ON A MISSION! I want to learn how to manage my overwhelming schedule and responsibilities. My mission starts TODAY. Do you have any ideas of where I should start? Resources or Help sites?

(Deep Breath and Release)

I’m feeling better already just having shared this with you. I think by admitting that I’m overwhelmed and need help may have been the first step. 🙂


Art Teaching and M.E. ~

Okay so, I’ve been teaching art for a little more than a month now to K5-6th grade and everyday with them is a new experience.  I’m new to teaching and realize; I have a lot to learn.

My fist day…There were a few playing in glue.  I had a 1st grader put glue in their hair.  I’m teaching at a private school with a dress code. The little one had perfect school boy hair, before art class.  After art class, he had Justin Biebers’ new messy spiky hair-do.  Still cute, but not the hair his Mom sent him to school with.  The next week, the same students playing in the glue, glued their hands together.  Oh My!! I banned glue from use until I feel they can keep it on their artwork.  Love it! They are so adorable!