Exciting NEWS!

I have art hanging in the art gallery of Home Sweet Home Gifts and Decor in White House, TN!   If you’re local, stop by and take a look around. 🙂


Art Teaching and M.E. ~

Okay so, I’ve been teaching art for a little more than a month now to K5-6th grade and everyday with them is a new experience.  I’m new to teaching and realize; I have a lot to learn.

My fist day…There were a few playing in glue.  I had a 1st grader put glue in their hair.  I’m teaching at a private school with a dress code. The little one had perfect school boy hair, before art class.  After art class, he had Justin Biebers’ new messy spiky hair-do.  Still cute, but not the hair his Mom sent him to school with.  The next week, the same students playing in the glue, glued their hands together.  Oh My!! I banned glue from use until I feel they can keep it on their artwork.  Love it! They are so adorable!

Wow! The new school year is here already!

It’s so hard to believe the summer is gone and the kids are back at school.  We had a great vacation this summer to Ft Walton Beach.  Wish we were there NOW!

With school starting back, I become an extremely busy Mom.  When trying to manage a home and family and work full-time, (and part-time and run a business) I always manage to come up short somewhere.   If you’re a Mom that has 20 things to do before you even get to walk out the door in the morning you know exactly what I’m talking about.

I heard on the news last night about a Mom that was so busy and preoccupied with her many mommy responsibilities that she forgot her child was still in the vehicle.  The child died of heat-stroke.  Imagine how we would feel if we lost the most important thing in our lives, the reason we get up every morning and go to work.  We take on so much and do so much because we love our families and want them to be happy.  I don’t want to be so busy that I forget about the most important things.  Believe me; I have potential to be forgetful, with a full schedule and something to do every minute of the day, who wouldn’t?  I read an article once telling me to take 30 minutes a day to myself.  Yeah right!  Sometimes I don’t even get a restroom break to myself…someone is talking to me through the door.  I want to make a change!  I want to stop having such a full schedule and enjoy some downtime.  I may even start exercising……….