DIY Velvet Gift Bow

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We’ve been busy brainstorming gift wrapping ideas for the holidays, and we recently came up with this lovely DIY gift bow. We used some gorgeous velvet ribbon from our store to create this adorable bow, which will probably be gracing all of our gifts this season. Check out our DIY below!

1. Cut three 10-inch strips of ribbon, then three 9-inch strips, then two 8-inch strips, and one 3-inch strip.

2. Take a 10-inch piece, and fold each of the ends into the center to create a figure-8 shape, like seen below. Make sure the velvet side is on the outside. Staple together in the center.

3. Do the same thing for all of the other strips, and staple each of them in the center to hold them together. Turn the 3-inch strip into a loop, then staple it together.

4. Using small dots of glue in the center of…

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Rediscovering is fun! :)

I’m so excited to have rediscovered colored pencil drawing.  I haven’t worked with them in such a long time, too long actually.  I’m going to do a couple more practice drawings before I start on a life portrait.

Have I ever mentioned how extremely blessed I am to have such a wonderful family that supports my having a few minutes to myself to do a little doodling?   Yes! I know they are pretty Awesome! 🙂