Art Teaching and M.E. ~

Okay so, I’ve been teaching art for a little more than a month now to K5-6th grade and everyday with them is a new experience.  I’m new to teaching and realize; I have a lot to learn.

My fist day…There were a few playing in glue.  I had a 1st grader put glue in their hair.  I’m teaching at a private school with a dress code. The little one had perfect school boy hair, before art class.  After art class, he had Justin Biebers’ new messy spiky hair-do.  Still cute, but not the hair his Mom sent him to school with.  The next week, the same students playing in the glue, glued their hands together.  Oh My!! I banned glue from use until I feel they can keep it on their artwork.  Love it! They are so adorable!


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